Thursday, December 10, 2015

Charlotte Hornets Down The Miami Heat Behind Nicolas Batum's Triple Double

Written By;
Anthony Sanchez

The Miami Heat traveled to Charlotte,NC to take on the Hornets and they literally walked into a hornet's nest losing 99-81.

The Hornets swarmed from tip-off, going up by 20 points leading up to half time, it became quite evident that this would become an old school shellacking.

The Charlotte Hornets thrived behind strong aggressive play, also helped that the Heat had 18 turnovers and poor three point shooting going 6 of 21.

The Hornets had a strong game from Nicolas Batum who quietly had a triple double dropping 10 points, 11 rebounds and 11 assists, also adding to the mix were; Power Forward Marvin Williams who went for 18 points and four rebounds, then point guard Kemba Walker had quite the game dropping 18 points, five rebounds, five steals and four assists.

The Miami Heat at one point were down by thirty points in the fourth quarter and had no signs of life or energy. The Heat shot 39 percent going 29 of 75, Tyler Johnson scored a career high 20 points, adding two rebounds and two assists. Dwyane Wade and Gerald Green finished with 11 points each, while bosh added just 7 points and two rebounds.

The Miami Heat now have lost three out of the last five games, next the Heat continue their road trip in Indiana as they take on the Pacers Friday at 7pm.

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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Washington Wizards Offense Too Much For The Miami Heat

Written By;
Anthony Sanchez

The Miami Heat hosted the Washington Wizards Monday night at the American Airlines Arena and for much of the night struggled defensively to suppress the Wizards offense. The Miami Heat fell to the Wizards 114-103, the game was much closer than the final score indicates.

Washington was on fire last night hitting the jump shot and out rebounding the heat 37-34 this all came with the bigs of the Wizards Marcin Gortat and Nene out, but where they really had the upperhand was in the offensive rebounding category grabbing twelve, while the heat managed four offensive rebounds 

The Wizards at one point had the Miami Heat down by fourteen in the second quarter and in part was due to the outstanding play of their guards. Gary Neal 21 points and four assists, Bradley Beal 21 points and four assists and All Star point guard John Wall 26 points and seven assists.

The Miami Heat did not have a bad offensive performance finishing the night scoring 103 points, while their stars Dwyane Wade pitched in 26 points, nine assists and seven rebounds, point guard Goran Dragic has been more consistent as of late adding 20 points and nine assists, Chris Bosh finished with 18 points, nine rebounds, four assists and two blocked shots before being ejected with 28 seconds left in the fourth quarter for arguing with the referee in regards to the refs missing a blatant traveling violation by guard Bradley Beal at a crucial moment in the game. 

In the end the Miami Heat could not recover from mistakes, questionable calls and defensively was one of Miami's worst efforts so far this season. The Washington Wizards just kept making plays, playing tough and attacking the basket while also looking for the kick out to their shooters. 

The Miami Heat now will hit the road and play the next four out of five games away from home, starting with a visit Wednesday December 9th to take on the Charlotte Hornets (12-7) at 7pm.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat Game Preview

Written By;
Anthony Sanchez

The Miami Heat (4-3) will host the Los Angeles Lakers (1-5) tonight at the American Airlines Arena, tip-off is set for 7:30pm. 

The Heat are coming off a big win over the Toronto Raptors 96-76, coach Erik Spoelstra's mix and match rotations are paying early dividends. 

The one Dynamic has been the insertion of rookie first round pick Justise Winslow who's had average offensive games, but his defense, especially on the perimeter has been outstanding up to this point, he is not shy to guard the other team's best player and is not timid to mix it up and grab some rebounds.

A true statement that can be said about the Miami Heat team, so far is that the defense has been at the forefront early on in the season, which has allowed them to take advantage of its transition opportunities.

The Heat will see a different Lakers team than the one they faced last year, for one Kobe Bryant is back albeit his slow start, having drafted first round pick 2nd overall D'Angelo Russell at point guard, Roy Hibbert added to help their defense, signed Lou Williams thru Free agency and now have a healthy Julius Randle back in the line-up.

There will be some interesting match ups in this game to watch like; Miami's Dwyane Wade taking on Kobe Bryant as will the rookie Justise Winslow, Hassan Whiteside & Roy Hibbert down low and possibly an overlooked match up that I will have my eye on is Chris Bosh and Julius Randle.

The Heat have won six straight over the Lakers going into tonight's game, in order to make it seven the Miami Heat must be aggressive on the offensive end and continue their hard nose grinding defense which right now has them ranked fourth in defensive efficiency. 

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Friday, June 27, 2014

2014 NBA Draft 1st Round Recap

Posted by:
 Anthony Sanchez

                  PLAYER                                          COLLEGE                                               TEAM

1.     Andrew Wiggins (SG)                                 Kansas                                            Cleveland Cavaliers

2.     Jabari Parker      (SF)                                  Duke                                                  Milwaukee Bucks

3.    Joel Embiid          (C)                                   Kansas                                               Philadelphia 76ers

4.   Aaron Gordon      (PF)                                 Arizona                                              Orlando Magic

5.   Dante Exum         (PG)                                 Australia                                             Utah Jazz

6.   Marcus Smart      (PG)                                Oklahoma St.                                       Boston Celtics

7.   Julius Randle        (PF)                                 Kentucky                                           Los Angeles Lakers

8.   Nik Stauskas       (SG)                                 Michigan                                            Sacramento Kings

9.   Noah Vonleh       (PF)                                  Indiana                                               Charlotte Hornets

10.  Elfrid Payton       (PG)                                  UL Lafayette                                      Philadelphia 76ers
                                                                                                                          (proposed trade to Magic)

11.  Doug Mcdermott (SF)                                Creighton                                             Denver Nuggets
                                                                                                                           (proposed trade to Bulls)

12.  Dario Saric           (PF)                               Croatia                                               Orlando Magic
                                                                                                                            (proposed trade to 76ers)

13.  Zach Lavine         (PG)                                 UCLA                                       Minnesota Timberwolves

14.  TJ Warren           (SF)                                 NC State                                    Phoenix Suns

15.  Adreian Payne     (PF)                                 Michigan St.                                Atlanta Hawks

16.  Jusuf Nurkic         (C)                                  Bosnia-Herzegovina                     Chicago Bulls
                                                                                                                        (proposed trade to Nuggets)

17.  James Young       ( SG)                               Kentucky                                      Boston Celtics

18.  Tyler Ennis           (PG)                                Syracuse                                      Phoenix Suns

19.  Gary Harris          (SG)                                Michigan St.                                 Chicago Bulls
                                                                                                                        (proposed trade to Nuggets)

20.  Bruno Caboclo     (SF)                                Brazil                                            Toronto Raptors

21.  Mitch McGary      (PF)                               Michigan                                      Oklahoma City Thunder

22.  Jordan Adams      (SG)                               UCLA                                          Memphis Grizzlies

23.  Rodney Hood       (SF)                                Duke                                            Utah Jazz

24.  Shabazz Napier     (PG)                              UCONN                                        Charlotte Hornets
                                                                                                                  (proposed trade to Miami Heat)

25.  Clint Capela          (PF)                               Switzerland                                     Houston Rockets

26.  PJ Hairston           (SG)                               North Carolina                                Miami Heat
                                                                                                         (proposed trade to Charlotte Hornets)

27.  Bogdan Bogdanovic (SG)                            Serbia                                             Phoenix Suns

28.  C.J. Wilcox             (SG)                            Washington                                     Los Angeles Clippers

29.  Josh Huestis            (SF)                              Stanford                                      Oklahoma City Thunder

30.  Kyle Anderson        (SF)                              UCLA                                          San Antonio Spurs

**The Miami Heat gave up the 26th pick, the 55th pick and a future 2nd round pick to obtain the rights to Shabazz Napier (PG).

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Look back at the finals While looking Ahead To The Future

Posted  by:
Anthony Sanchez

The Miami Heat fan might be upset, might be annoyed, might be ungrateful or just plain ole might be spoiled to the greatness that has taken place here for the past four years. Miami has represented the Eastern Conference in the NBA Finals year after year, a bulls eye is painted on their backs all due to coming together and uniting to accomplish a common interest which was to win NBA Championships and that has been accomplished despite your disappointment about how this season ended.

 Games four, five were mirror images of each other, there was the typical slow start, there was the lack of rebounding, the lack of intensity, our players especially the role players truly showed their age in this series, ultimately you have to admit that the overall better team won this series, which also goes to show you that just because you arguably have the best player on your side does not mean it will translate over to victories.

The Miami Heat organization will have to sweat it out a little as their big three ponder if to opt in on their final year of their contracts or opt out and test free agency. The consensus is that they will return and give the reunion one more chance to flourish together, but there are some out there that believe Lebron James is seriously contemplating moving on from Miami. The Miami Heat as a team need to get younger, more athletic, add some size, find reliable shooters and just stabilize the bench to provide more productivity. There are some players that have already decided what to do next like Shane Battier who is retiring, "Birdman" Chris Anderson has made it clear he will not be returning, you have Ray Allen possibly retiring as he stated and you have to decide what to do about Mario Chalmers contract situation. 

In my opinion the the big three will stick around for the last year of their contracts anything past this year is a toss up and it will actually boil down to what the Miami Heat organization do to fine tune their line up. The Heat need to revamp the roster with players who have something to prove, who ache and will do what it takes to hold the championship trophy up, players that their game is consistent and players that truly buy into team and the concept of team basketball. One thing that the San Antonio Spurs did is remind everyone that when you play as one team there is nothing that can not be accomplished, again congratulations go out to the San Antonio Spurs who earned it and showed true basketball enthusiast that you can still win with old school basketball. 

It was a great run, you can not deny that the Miami Heat went to four straight NBA Finals and came out winning two titles. The Miami Heat as a team and organization showed a commitment to excellence, to compete, showed that they are one of the top organizations in all of sports, in the end as a Miami Heat fan what can you complain about when your expectations are championship or bust that means you have one heck of a team. I will say this do not let winning, the accolades and all the glitz stand in the way of how hard this team has worked to maintain the level of excellence that it has, because aside from the pressure set by they themselves you always had the rest of the league watching, waiting for the opportunity to dethrone them, you had the so called haters waiting to pounce on any mistake or any quote that would bring separation to this team and through it all this Miami Heat team stayed the course, in my view this team will always be a champion.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Day After Game Three Of The NBA Finals

Posted by:
Anthony Sanchez

The series is now two games to one in favor of the San Antonio Spurs, the Miami Heat were reminded by the Spurs that they would not go quietly and in doing so recovered home court advantage once again. To quote the great Lebron James as he addressed his team for game one of these NBA finals "we must treat every game like we are playing a game seven", well I must admit that those words so far have fallen on deaf ears, because up to now they are playing like they did throughout the season undisciplined at times, lackadaisical, looking for the switch to turn on and to be quite honest they might want to check that at the door, because as great as Lebron, Wade and Bosh are that switch right now is not working.

The point guard play has been embarrassing between Mario Chalmers and Norris Cole in this series, we have zero production and plenty of turnovers. Mario Chalmers looks like a man looking for answers or should I say looking for his game since the playoffs started he's been missing in action, Norris Cole is just running around and dribbling a little too much without moving the ball, the defense is not there like how he showed up against the Pacers and quite frankly the guard play of the Spurs has just been better then ours overall.

If you have read my blogs I have praised coach Spoelstra's in game adjustments, but I will admit in last nights game three he stuck with his rotation to a fault, Chalmers is not producing period, the defensive rotation seems out of whack, there is no intensity, no flow to the defense as we have seen in the past, the pressure comes in spurts, James Jones on defense is a liability plus he has not been hitting his three point shot and to me it just seems like coach Spoelstra is trying to force the issue with his current rotation.

In my humble opinion I think coach Spoelstra has to shake up the rotation in game four, use more Shane Battier, Udonis Haslem, Toney Douglas and why not use Greg Oden's size for additional rebounding and defense if anything for a new face to guard Tim Duncan who is having his way down low. Shane Battier will bring toughness, he will annoy the player he defends, he knows his role on the team, will hit threes and is known to draw a charge or two. Udonis Haslem and Greg Oden can provide additional rebounding, can maybe provide a spark that up to this point has been dismal from the current rotation with the exception of "Birdman" Chris Anderson, Rashard Lewis and last but not least why not give Toney Douglas a chance to play the point, he plays solid defense, can hit the three and will have something to prove coming off the end of the bench.

Ultimately what needs to happen in game four from my point of view is the Miami Heat must get back to suffocating defense, team basketball, avoid the one on one play that leads to the hurry shots late into the shot clock and wouldn't be a bad idea to play some tape of how they lost to the Dallas Mavericks in the 2011 finals, because many of their mistakes right now remind me of that team, as a reminder the Miami Heat lost that series four games to two. In game four we will find out what this team is made of, can they bounce back as they have done before, can Eric Spoelstra counter the great Greg Popovich with adjustments of his own and or will this team stand up an fight to defend their championship, stay tuned for game four Thursday June 12th at nine o'clock pm on (ABC).

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs Game 3 Preview

Posted By:
Anthony Sanchez

The Miami Heat are back home for game three tonight, they also have the chance to try and take two games at home to take a commanding lead three to one. First things first Miami needs to secure a pivotal game three against the Spurs while riding high with the win in game two and Lebron James silencing doubters, if just for one game.

Games one & two were two different stories, game one you all know we had the a/c debacle, Lebron James with the leg cramps and the team pretty much after that gave up. Game two was more like the Miami Heat, but the major difference was Lebron James being more aggressive, attacking the rim, hitting his jumper, rebounding and playing stifling defense. The trio of James, Bosh and Wade had a combined point total of sixty-seven points, Bosh once again hit a timely three pointer down the stretch and wade only had fourteen points, but made a crucial lay-up with just 9.4 seconds remaining in the game.

For game three the Heat will need Lebron to stay aggressive, Bosh to stay active and Wade to keep attacking, hitting the mid-range jumper and just keep providing timely baskets along with his defense. The Miami Heat showed that when they can turn up the defense, Lebron is aggressive making decisive plays it is almost impossible to stop or slow down this team. Many doubters believe Miami is a one trick pony, which is further from the truth I have seen Ray Allen find the fountain of youth in these playoffs, I have seen the "Birdman" Chris Anderson's energy, defense and rebounding provide a spark, I have seen Rashard Lewis step up to take a more significant role with the team and I have seen Erik Spoelstra have one of his better years making in game adjustments.

My one concern is from the point guard position where neither Mario Chalmers nor Norris Cole have really contributed, which to me is a surprise because when Chalmers is usually not on you can count on Cole, but that has not been the case in these first two games of the finals. I will say the X factor in all this will be if either one of them can get off their slump and provide a spark from the position to help this team win, which brings me to my next point if Chalmers and Cole continue to struggle what do you do? Well in my opinion we know Wade can handle the ball, I would move Wade to the point, bring in Ray Allen at the two guard, play Lebron at the small forward, bring in Udonis Haslem or "Birdman" Chris Anderson to play power forward and play Chris Bosh at center.

The Spurs will not lay down, they have a future hall of fame coach in Greg Popovich who will have adjustments ready for game three, they have a future hall of famer power forward in Tim Duncan who is a force an will get his, they have a point guard in Tony Parker that is an assassin if he can penetrate an will cause issues with your defensive switching, they have one of the best over seas player in Manu Ginobili who looks much different in these playoffs then he did last year at this time and last but not least they have a bench that at any moment can make it rain three's.

I will say I expect the Miami Heat to come out energized, the crowd to be electric and fully expect the Miami Heat to come out victorious in game three. In doing so the Miami Heat will need an unsung hero to contribute, whether its Mario Chalmers finding his way, Shane Battier bringing his defensive prowess an three point shot, Udonis Haslem bringing his toughness, defense and rebounding skills, James Jones stroking three point shots in front of his home town, bottom line is they need someone else to step other then just the big three.

My final thought is this series is far from over, but the Miami Heat can take control of this series tonight and maintain the home court advantage after splitting the series in San Antonio, so as long as they handle their business at home, stay tuned tonight on ABC at 9pm for game three of the NBA Finals.

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