Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Miami Heat Eastern Conference Finals

The Miami Heat are on the road today to take on the Indiana Pacers in game five, they have a chance to shut the door and shatter the Pacers dream of an NBA Finals appearance.

This game in the mind of many people might not seem like a must win, but in my opinion this is a game that the Heat must show up and play hard right from tip-off. The Indiana Pacers are reeling right now and looking for answers on how to stand up to big brother, they wanted home court advantage and lost it as quickly as they asked for it.

In order for the Miami Heat to win this game they must stick to their game plan and not slow the game down. The Pacers want to control the pace, throw it down to Roy Hibbert, David West and kick it out to their shooters for three's which is the one thing they have done especially when they go on their runs. Miami will need a bigger contribution from Shane Battier, Mario Chalmers and if the team can get any points from Rashard Lewis would be a bonus, although his defense has helped against David West, the Bench of Miami will be important especially with Ray Allen considered a game time decision, even if he plays he will do so with a sore hip and the "Birdman" Chris Anderson is also a game time decision dealing with a thigh injury.

The Mind set of the Miami Heat should be let's get this series over with, so that we can rest our injured players considering that the players injured are veterans that have some age to them. This would be a key heading into the finals considering that the Spurs and Thunder series is now knotted up at two games a piece. Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, and Udonis Haslem leaders of this team must keep their composure, but also maintain discipline within the team to stay the course because make no mistake about it the Pacers will come out strong in front of their home crowd, the Heat have to anticipate their will be runs made throughout the game, but in the end the team that manages to keep cool an collected will win this game.  

My Final thought is that today's game is going to come down to mental toughness, discipline, Rebounding, bench contribution, suffocating old school playoff defense and the ability of Eric Spoelstra to make in game adjustments.

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