Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Look back at the finals While looking Ahead To The Future

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Anthony Sanchez

The Miami Heat fan might be upset, might be annoyed, might be ungrateful or just plain ole might be spoiled to the greatness that has taken place here for the past four years. Miami has represented the Eastern Conference in the NBA Finals year after year, a bulls eye is painted on their backs all due to coming together and uniting to accomplish a common interest which was to win NBA Championships and that has been accomplished despite your disappointment about how this season ended.

 Games four, five were mirror images of each other, there was the typical slow start, there was the lack of rebounding, the lack of intensity, our players especially the role players truly showed their age in this series, ultimately you have to admit that the overall better team won this series, which also goes to show you that just because you arguably have the best player on your side does not mean it will translate over to victories.

The Miami Heat organization will have to sweat it out a little as their big three ponder if to opt in on their final year of their contracts or opt out and test free agency. The consensus is that they will return and give the reunion one more chance to flourish together, but there are some out there that believe Lebron James is seriously contemplating moving on from Miami. The Miami Heat as a team need to get younger, more athletic, add some size, find reliable shooters and just stabilize the bench to provide more productivity. There are some players that have already decided what to do next like Shane Battier who is retiring, "Birdman" Chris Anderson has made it clear he will not be returning, you have Ray Allen possibly retiring as he stated and you have to decide what to do about Mario Chalmers contract situation. 

In my opinion the the big three will stick around for the last year of their contracts anything past this year is a toss up and it will actually boil down to what the Miami Heat organization do to fine tune their line up. The Heat need to revamp the roster with players who have something to prove, who ache and will do what it takes to hold the championship trophy up, players that their game is consistent and players that truly buy into team and the concept of team basketball. One thing that the San Antonio Spurs did is remind everyone that when you play as one team there is nothing that can not be accomplished, again congratulations go out to the San Antonio Spurs who earned it and showed true basketball enthusiast that you can still win with old school basketball. 

It was a great run, you can not deny that the Miami Heat went to four straight NBA Finals and came out winning two titles. The Miami Heat as a team and organization showed a commitment to excellence, to compete, showed that they are one of the top organizations in all of sports, in the end as a Miami Heat fan what can you complain about when your expectations are championship or bust that means you have one heck of a team. I will say this do not let winning, the accolades and all the glitz stand in the way of how hard this team has worked to maintain the level of excellence that it has, because aside from the pressure set by they themselves you always had the rest of the league watching, waiting for the opportunity to dethrone them, you had the so called haters waiting to pounce on any mistake or any quote that would bring separation to this team and through it all this Miami Heat team stayed the course, in my view this team will always be a champion.

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