Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Day After Game Three Of The NBA Finals

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Anthony Sanchez

The series is now two games to one in favor of the San Antonio Spurs, the Miami Heat were reminded by the Spurs that they would not go quietly and in doing so recovered home court advantage once again. To quote the great Lebron James as he addressed his team for game one of these NBA finals "we must treat every game like we are playing a game seven", well I must admit that those words so far have fallen on deaf ears, because up to now they are playing like they did throughout the season undisciplined at times, lackadaisical, looking for the switch to turn on and to be quite honest they might want to check that at the door, because as great as Lebron, Wade and Bosh are that switch right now is not working.

The point guard play has been embarrassing between Mario Chalmers and Norris Cole in this series, we have zero production and plenty of turnovers. Mario Chalmers looks like a man looking for answers or should I say looking for his game since the playoffs started he's been missing in action, Norris Cole is just running around and dribbling a little too much without moving the ball, the defense is not there like how he showed up against the Pacers and quite frankly the guard play of the Spurs has just been better then ours overall.

If you have read my blogs I have praised coach Spoelstra's in game adjustments, but I will admit in last nights game three he stuck with his rotation to a fault, Chalmers is not producing period, the defensive rotation seems out of whack, there is no intensity, no flow to the defense as we have seen in the past, the pressure comes in spurts, James Jones on defense is a liability plus he has not been hitting his three point shot and to me it just seems like coach Spoelstra is trying to force the issue with his current rotation.

In my humble opinion I think coach Spoelstra has to shake up the rotation in game four, use more Shane Battier, Udonis Haslem, Toney Douglas and why not use Greg Oden's size for additional rebounding and defense if anything for a new face to guard Tim Duncan who is having his way down low. Shane Battier will bring toughness, he will annoy the player he defends, he knows his role on the team, will hit threes and is known to draw a charge or two. Udonis Haslem and Greg Oden can provide additional rebounding, can maybe provide a spark that up to this point has been dismal from the current rotation with the exception of "Birdman" Chris Anderson, Rashard Lewis and last but not least why not give Toney Douglas a chance to play the point, he plays solid defense, can hit the three and will have something to prove coming off the end of the bench.

Ultimately what needs to happen in game four from my point of view is the Miami Heat must get back to suffocating defense, team basketball, avoid the one on one play that leads to the hurry shots late into the shot clock and wouldn't be a bad idea to play some tape of how they lost to the Dallas Mavericks in the 2011 finals, because many of their mistakes right now remind me of that team, as a reminder the Miami Heat lost that series four games to two. In game four we will find out what this team is made of, can they bounce back as they have done before, can Eric Spoelstra counter the great Greg Popovich with adjustments of his own and or will this team stand up an fight to defend their championship, stay tuned for game four Thursday June 12th at nine o'clock pm on (ABC).

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